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Bitou Bush Battle Waged from Air

The Illawarra District Noxious Weeds Authority (IDNWA) is set to continue its battle against Bitou Bush when it once again takes to the skies for its annual aerial spray control program. Read More
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Illawarra Weed Warpath

Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson recently announced $8 million in funding to bolster weed management across NSW. Read More

Boneseed Eradication

A campaign to target one of the regions newest weeds, Boneseed, was recently strengthened with the announcement of $157,500 toward eradicating Boneseed from South Eastern Australia. Read More
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South Coast's War on Weeds" $0.5M Boost

Southern Councils Group has received nearly half a million dollars from the NSW Government’s $8.7 million 2010-15 Weeds Action Program. Read More
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Prohibited Weed Found in Dapto

A highly invasive and destructive aquatic weed that is prohibited entry into Australia has been found growing on a farm dam at Dapto. Read More