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Contract Spraying

Contract Spraying

The Illawarra District Weeds Authority (IDWA) has twenty six (26) years experience in carrying out spraying operations.  IDWA staff are fully trained and accredited under the Pesticides Act 1999 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000.  Vehicles and equipment are fully maintained by Kiama Council’s workshop.


The IDWA currently operates two modern 4WDs each equipped with a Quik-Spray retractable hose reel and pump with approximately 200 metres of nylon hose, coupled to a 600 litre fiberglass tank.  The vehicle is equipped with hazard warning lights and roadside signage conforming to Australian Standards.  The vehicle is also equipped with mobile phone.

In addition the IDWA has various hand sprayers including knapsacks and gas guns.

Fees & Charges 2017-2018

Note: An administration fee of 16.5% applies to all large-scale private works undertaken.

Note:   All figures are GST inclusive where appropriate.

Weeds Certificate


Liability for Expenses –

Inspection to determine compliance 


Private Works Charges


Small Scale Jobs

Works requiring up to 1 hour to complete.

Includes labour (one operator), plant and chemical

Assumes chemical usage of 250 ml or 25 litres of mix

$110.00 per job


Large Scale Jobs

Works requiring more than 1 hour to complete.                                        

Includes one operator and all plant / equipment.

Chemical extra

$88.00 per hour


Two operators                                                                                    

$130.00 per hour