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African Boxthorn

African boxthorn (Lycium ferocissimum) is declared noxious in the Illawarra District Weeds Authority control area (including Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong council areas).

The weed control class is 3. This means that:

“The growth of the plant must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed”

Description: A tall, erect, thorny perennial shrub, often growing closely together forming impenetrable thickets. Branches are stout, sometimes drooping and end in a strong sharp spine. Flowers cream streaked with lilac. Berries are small, bright orange, succulent and globular. A native of South Africa, introduced as a hedge plant.

Problem: The problem with African boxthorn is its invasiveness. It takes over shaded areas first and keeps spreading until it reduces a property’s stock-carrying capacity. The sharp thorns pose a threat to the eyes of large animals, especially during dry times when they are trying to reach feed under the plants. The bushes also harbour vermin such as rabbits and the berries a host for fruit fly and other insects.

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