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Bitou Bush

Bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp rotundata) is declared noxious in the Illawarra District Weeds Authority control area (including Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong council areas).

The weed control class is 4. This means that:

"The growth of the plant must be managed in a manner that continuously inhibits the ability of the plant to spread".

Description: A perennial sprawling shrub 1-2m high and up to 6m wide, Bitou Bush grows mainly along the sandy coastal strip of NSW and southern QLD where it competes aggressively with native vegetation.  Bitou bush is characterised by bright yellow flowers and black succulent fruit and seeds.  Flowers have 11-13 petals with peak flowering from April to June. Leaves are light green with a shiny surface, although some have a grey downy underside.  Leaves are typically rounded and smooth edged.  A native of South Africa.

Problem: Very invasive, smothering other vegetation. Relatively easy to control, but often followed by worse, harder to control weeds. Tends to form monocultures, resulting in destabilising of the dunal system. Grows mainly on coastal sand dunes and headlands, but is spreading west into the escarpment.

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