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Rhus Tree

Rhus tree (Toxicodendron succedaneum) is declared noxious in the Illawarra District Weeds Authority control area (including Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong council areas).

The weed control class is 4. This means that:

The growth of the plant must be managed in a manner that continuously inhibits the ability of the plant to spread and the plant must not be sold, propagated or knowingly distributed.

Description: A deciduous tree to 8 metres tall.  Leaves are pinnate divided into 9 to 15 leaflets arranged in pairs and a single leaflet at the tip.  Turning brilliant scarlet or crimson in autumn.  Flowers are small creamy-white within new spring leaves.  Fruit is pale brown, flattened, papery in appearance and hang in bunches during autumn and winter.  A common garden plant originally a native of China and Japan.

Problem: Most parts of the plant are toxic to touch. Rhus can cause severe dermatitis and painful allergic reactions between 12 hours and 7 days after contact with the plant. Birds also eat rhus fruit and spread the seed in their droppings aiding its spread into natural bushland areas.

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