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Salvinia (Salvinia molesta)

Salvinia (Salvinia molesta ) is declared noxious in the Illawarra District Weeds Authority control area (including Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong council areas).

The weed control class is 2. This means that:

The plant must be eradicated from the land and the land must be kept free of the plant”.

Description: An aquatic plant declared noxious throughout New South Wales.  A free-floating fern with slender stems, floating leaves and root like structure.  Spreads vegetatively by fragmentation and grows rapidly in warm conditions when it can double its size in 2-3 days. A native to South America.

Problem: Occurs on still and slowly flowing water, can smother large areas of water causing problems to other plants and aquatic animals, blocking irrigation equipment and pumping apparatus and reducing the use of waterways for recreation and transport.  . Can deoxygenate water, resulting in the death of fish and other aquatic life. Light penetration and pH levels are reduced. Stranded animals may drown.

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